A Nutter Goes Running...

Running up the Brushes Valley, Stalybridge

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Later this month I am running in the "Tour of Tameside". This 52 mile race is held in six stages over a week. The Tour was founded by Dr Ron Hill and is a local event for me. I am undertaking the race as a personal challenge but also to raise money for the Melanoma Research Fund at the Christie Hospital

This is by far the hardest physical challenge I have undertaken and I will be very pleased if I actually manage to finish the whole tour!

Six weeks ago I had a setback in training when I sprained my ankle but, thanks to plenty of physiotherapy, I fully recovered and have built up my training distances once more.

In addition to doing the legwork I will personally add 10% to the total raised - up to a maximum of 100.

If you have already sponsored me thank you. If not and you wish to please email me or download and complete the sponsor form. You may sponsor me for the series as a whole, per race or per mile.

If you are in the area and fancy a laugh please feel free to come along and goad me on at the end of any of the races.

The stages are as follows:

Trying to make last orders at the pub