Version 5.04.01 Released

Version 5.04.01 has now been released and the update file is available for existing users to upgrade. Users should receiver the update announcement email in the next few days. If you have not received the email by 4 October 2004 please email me as I may not have your current email address.

There is already a demonstration version available to download from the downloads page.

The major improvements introduced in this version are in the print preview and graphical printing areas:

There a few minor improvements to the user interface which should make using ATRAR easier:

There are also a number of bug fixes in this release thanks to some diligent error reporting by a user:

If you do experience any errors with this version (full or demonstration) please let me know.

Tour of Tameside

To take a break from my computer for a short while I have entered the 2003 Tour of Tameside. This is a 52 mile race held in six stages over the last week of July and is reputed to be one of the toughest challenges in UK athletics.

For more information and a sponsor form please see this page - Tour of Tameside

ATRAR Website Problems

On Sunday 8 June the server on which the ATRAR website is hosted failed. This led to much work to configure the new server and restore the website. Users may have been unable to access some or all of the site while the restoration was in progress.

The restoration is now complete and everything should now be working properly. If you find something that does not work properly please let me know - Dominic Sexton

Matley Software Limited

A new company, Matley Software Limited, has been formed for all the software and computer services I carry out. ATRAR is officially a product of Matley Software Limited as of 1 Januray 2003.

My address remains the same and is the registered company address. My business telephone number remains 0161 3517955.

Demonstration Version Available to Download

The demonstration version is now available for download from the downloads page. This is fully functional for 30 days but does not include the ICD-10 Classification to reduce the size of the download.

New Telephone / Fax Number

We have a new telephone / fax number. The new number is 0161 3517955 and replaces the old number immediately. The old number will shortly be disconnected.

Website Development and Hosting Service

We are pleased to announce that with the addition of a website designer to our ranks we can now undertake to develop and host websites at competetive rates. For further information please refer to the Matley Software Website

Updated by Dominic Sexton 1 October 2004