Janene Sexton

6 December 1964 - 29 March 2002

Janene in Feb 02

On Good Friday Janene finally succumbed to the malignant melanoma which she had coped with for a considerable time. She had managed to stave off the advance of the disease for over thirteen years and continued to play a fully active role in her professional and voluntary work right up until she started chemotherapy this February.

As a teacher of history at Our Lady's RC High School in Royton from 1995 Janene had a very positive influence on the lives of many pupils and members of staff. Despite being urged to take time to convalesce after operations or treatment Janene would normally return to work just as soon as she was able to.

Janene was also a Rainbow Guider with the 1st Newton (Rosemount) Rainbows where her kind and caring manner was greatly appreciated by children and adults alike.

Janene will be greatly missed by many who had the good fortune to know her. The wonderful mix of dedication, strength, humility, compassion and kindness that Janene displayed will live on in our memories and continue to be a shining example to many.

This picture was taken at a family wedding in February just before Janene started chemotherapy.

We have been collecting for the Melanoma Research Fund which is administered by the Christie Hospital where Janene received much of her treatment. So far we have collected £4331 and would like to thank all the very generous people who have made donations. It is hoped that this will go some way to improving the lives of people like Janene in the future.

Updated by Dominic Sexton 8 October 2002