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ATRAR is a complete software solution for the medical acupuncturist

ATRAR has now been discontinued - should existing users have a support request please contact us via the details in the program.


The Reference Module displays acupuncture points and information about their location and anatomy. A selection of common trigger points can be displayed for quick and easy reference to the points and their associated pain patterns. Reference information on points is included. Initially the information is for the points included in the BMAS basic course. The information includes; Anatomy, Location, Nerves and cautionary notes.


The Patient Module allows the quick and simple edit of the patient details. In order to speed up the process there are " Alpha buttons" at the bottom of the screen to confine the list to those patients whose surname begins with the selected letter. A button is provided for adding new patients and user specified defaults for Town, County, Post Code and Telephone Code to speed the entry of a new patient's details. These defaults can be set with the Options menu.


The Diagnoses Module enables the doctor to enter or edit the diagnosis for each patient and design the treatment plan. ICD - 10 classification has been used to allow the grouping of treatment courses by diagnosis for the auditing of data.


The Treatment Module allows the input of the data for treatment sessions with the default values being those of the previous session with that patient. A diagram can be drawn and updated for each treatment. The points used in a treatment can be selected from a list of the channels and points or by clicking on images of the body. Users may also print blank treatment reports to manually record treatments and enter the data into ATRAR later.? If the patient is not listed as being treated within the NHS the database will track all sessions not marked as paid which are older than a value specified by the user in Options.

The Findings & Treatment Diagram has recently been improved and now allows the addition of needling points with properties. The diagrams are saved with each treatment record. The type of feature to draw can be selected from the right side of the toolbar and the size of the brush adjusted with the box at the right end of the toolbar. Placing the mouse pointer over a toolbar button and holding it still fo two seconds will display a tool-tip which explains what the button does.
The user can navigate back and forth through the treatments using the arrow buttons and readily see how the patient's condition is responding to treatment.

For those doctors who already use a database to keep their records we can try to import their existing records into ATRAR, where possible. No charge is made for this service.

Price : £160 includes postage and packing. BMAS members will receive a £20 discount if they supply their membership number when ordering.

Format: Avaliable for Windows 95 / NT4 or later on CD-ROM. Floppy disks (3.5") or other formats may be available to special order - please email with your request.
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Points Reference
Reference diagram shows the location of the point graphically with reference information overlaid.
Trigger Points
Trigger Points
Trigger point reference diagrams show the location of trigger points and associated pain patterns for easy reference.
Patient Details
Patient Details
The patient details screen allows quick and simple access / entry.
Findings Diagram
Findings & Treatment Diagram
Diagrams can be drawn to show findings and treated points
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